freshers week

I have been a student nurse for approximately 5 days and I’ve already had 2 breakdowns. I moved into Halls last weekend, I moved all my stuff in 24th September and officially moved in on the 25th.

I started as a student nurse on the 26th September 2016.

I am part of the September 2016 cohort.



This week is known as Freshers week. A week where every student across the UK gets absolutely hammered nightly. I have been a very good girl, I have only been out once this week as I have lectures at 09:30am Monday to Friday. I went to the paint party, I have never being to one of these in my life and this is how I ended up —


Pretty colourful right? My last night out of freshers and Jesus, I was in bed for half 12 because I, at 22, cannot be doing with the whole drunkenness and late nights. I’ve been there, done that and got the tee-shirt. I have experienced freshers week once, (and i’ll experience it again the next two years but not as a fresher) and I loved it.

So for you March/September 2017 cohort, you’re going to love every minute of it too.

Just a bit of advice for you lot who’ll start in September 2017 — make sure you have all your loans sorted before you arrive at University. The shittiest thing I’ve learnt is how terrible it is to live without money. Asking to borrow £100 from your University is crap because as soon as your loan comes in, you have to pay it back. (and that means more money you owe)

Take care you lovely lot



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