This — microbeads are a big thing at the moment that is in the news and is affecting our environment and planet. I never realised just how much a problem using microbeads are, I guess what you could say is that I was — still am slightly naïve about it.

Do I know what microbeads are? Yes.
Have I ever used a product with microbeads in it? Yes.

Was I aware that repeated use of microbeads wasn’t only damaging to our health but can also result in plastic particle water pollution? No.

Would it be fair to say I was unaware of the damage of these small plastic pieces that so many manufacturers use in their products? Yes.

Apparently according to the Daily Mail online, microbeads aren’t just damaging our marine life, they’re also ruining our good looks. According to the article published here, microbeads can damage our eyes, teeth and skin.

Am I relieved to hear that by the end of 2017, there will be no microbeads in any product both in the UK and around the world? Yes. I’m glad that from 2017 there will be no more danger for marine life from the use of these plastic beads and that we can tackle plastic particle water pollution.

From now on, now I’m aware of the problem I will not be using anything that contains plastic beads in its product. Will you?




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