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My personal trainer put this on a couple of weeks ago and I just thought I’d share my opinion on it.

We all know or rather have heard of Vicky Pattison right? If you haven’t Vicky Pattison used to appear on Geordie Shore. Now apparently Vicky used to be a size 16 and through diet and exercise lost weight and dropped down to a dress size 6. I think all in all she lost three stone. Now as we all know exercise and diet is sooo hard to do so I give her credit, well done for losing weight. It really isn’t easy.


It does however, make me kind of sad when I see things like this. On the far left is the photograph of how Vicky used to look before she began to exercise and on the same left, how she looks now. The now isn’t really how she looks because its been photoshopped to make her appear this thin. Look on the right. Look at the unedited version, you see how she really looks? It’s almost ironic in a way at what she’s saying on Instagram about being happy, be confident and be YOU when she’s using editing software to make herself be something different.

I guess this is society and the pressure of being in the spotlight. She could’ve used the picture on the far left and the picture on the right because it still is a transformation but I understand why she did not. The press can be cruel. People can be cruel. There a millions of people out there who look up to Vicky and any other celebrity, who idolises their pictures and weight loss efforts.

Ladies, be aware not everything is how it seems on social media. Quite often social media is used to manipulate us. As soon as you stop comparing yourself to other people and focus on being comfortable in your own skin, you will become happier. Remember, not everything is how it seems on social media. Not everybody has the perfect life/body that they portray online.

So if you want cake, eat the damn cake!





5 thoughts on “social media

  1. I’m actually quite surprised at how photoshopped the ‘thin’ picture is, such a difference! I guess she meant “Be happy with how you look photoshopped” huh? :b


    • I know right! Even I was very surprised when I saw the pictures in the Sun newspaper, I was like woah – how thin has she photoshopped herself to be? It’s such a shame she felt the need to do that xx


      • I don’t watch Geordie Shore so I wouldn’t know, but was she thin on air too? I was thinking the Sun could have used her ‘before’ picture instead.


      • I don’t watch Geordie Shore either, I’m not into Reality TV. I do think she was bigger on tv, weight wise then what she is now. The Sun photographs are such a transformation that she shouldn’t be ashamed of them even if they don’t comform to the “perfect” image society attempts to portray.

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      • That’s true, I’m glad she made progress but also not glad that she photoshopped. I guess she had a rep to uphold, seeing as she’s selling workout handbooks by the look of her instagram post.


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