first post

So this is my first post ever on my fancy blog.


So after 4 rejected applications, one deferred application, 2 Occupational Health Interviews and a completely new job role — I am finally a University student. I will be a student nurse.

In 22 days time I move into halls with thousands of other students around the UK. I’ll become known as a fresher where I’ll be forced to grow up and look after myself. I will be in charge of my own bills, have to make my own food and more importantly getting up early for my lectures. I will be forced, literally to become an adult. Responsibility I’m not sure I’m entirely ready for.


Despite the fears of being a responsible adult (I am 22 years old and therefore classed as mature) am I excited about becoming a student nurse? Of course. The excitement is unreal it’s like butterflies inside my stomach on a first date. I can’t wait to go to placement, to put the last year of being a care assistant into practice. I can’t wait to learn, to grow as a person both professionally and personally but most importantly, do the job I should’ve always done from the moment I left school.

In 22 days time I become a student nurse.

Oh shit.

I think I’m going to need shares in a wine company.






6 thoughts on “first post

  1. Great first post! Good luck with university. I finished 2 years ago and every time I see people starting I get very jealous. You will have the time of your life. I am following you so that I can read more of your journey.

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